About the Artist

It's my intention is to create visual work that surprises and delights.

Originally from the East coast of Australia I'm now settled on the North-west coast of Ireland in Country Sligo with my wife and two little wildlings.

Much of my work draws inspiration from the littoral fringe – where the land meets the sea. Living beside and playing in sea has been a visceral passion since my early childhood and continues to influence much of my work. My ideas often arrive spontaneously and are captured with pencil and paper. Finished work is achieved by using various media including ink, watercolours, relief printing, serigraphy, dyeing, digital methods and fabricating other items by repurposing materials that may have been discarded, overlooked or abandoned.

I'm committed to improving my understanding of the way I produce my work and the resources involved. I understand that the supply-chains associated with my products and consumables can be long and complex, and that both people and the environment are an inextricable part. It is important to me to work efficiently, reduce waste and reuse, repurpose and recycle as much as I can.

I surf and cycle - both of these continue to contribute to ideas that inspire or evolve into the work that you'll find in my blog or in the Studio Shop. Any questions, just ask...

Ian Jermyn, 2020

Organic Devolution studio artist and designer Ian Jermyn