Organic Devolution Oarweed Organic Cotton Tea Towel Art Hanging
Organic Devolution Oarweed Organic Cotton Tea Towel Art Hanging folded

Oarweed Kelp Blue Tea Towel Art Hanging

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Oarweed - just one of the common names of this beautiful big kelp. The boffins would prefer to use its binomial, Laminaria digitata, which you've got to admit sounds sexier. You'll find it growing just below the water at low tide on rocky shores across the Atlantic coasts of Europe.

Like all macroalgal species, these big kelp critical for coastal communities. They're what's known as a foundation species as they provide habitat and food that supports a huge diversity animals and other seaweeds - especially the early life-history stages of these organisms.

Kelps, like many other marine organisms, are sensitive to a key aspect of the current changes in our earth's climate - warming seas. The impact of their loss on marine biodiversity, not to mention the fishing industry, would be nothing short of catastrophic.

This tea towel celebrates the beauty and ecological importance of big seaweeds and serves as a reminder that our actions on this planet are far-reaching.

You could use a dirty word like 'souvenir' but we reckon the humble tea towel, ours in particular, are far more than that. In addition to being an essential bit of kitchen kit the print looks even nicer up on the wall.


  • 50 cm x 70 cm
  • Screen printed
  • 100% organic cotton
  • Hanging tab on reverse
  • Please note: Hanger shown in image is not included


All our tea towels are 100% organic cotton. They are hand-woven by a women's collective in Kerela in southwestern India. The material is GOTS certified and though technically we’re not certified to advertise this fact we thought you should know - the folks down the supply chain are getting a fair go.

We've worked hard to source high-quality, ethical tea towel stock. Given this is a traditional screen print onto a heavy, organic cotton you can have confidence that this is going to last for ages.

Care Instructions

Take care of your tea towel and you'll get years of use out of it. How you wash has a big impact on your tea towel's lifespan so to prolong its life, follow these recommendations:

  • Wash similar items together
  • Always use cold water
  • Avoid bleach or strong detergents
  • Line dry in the shade – don’t tumble dry