Whirlwinds in the North & South

I heard about the cyclone, the points at Noosa firing & recently of the container ship, Pacific Adventurer, shaking loose 31 containers, vomiting oil & other toxic contaminants into the ocean off Stradbroke Moreton Island on Australia's East Coast on Wednesday of last week. Fiends! Lock em up, nail em up.. be they drawn & quartered alive & have their offspring rendered barren before their eyes as they teeter agonisingly over the brink & into oblivion. A bit harsh? Decide for yourselves. The full extent of the damage is yet to be measured but concern over the Government's reaction time has raised some eyebrows... Further south, the course of conservation is turning out to be far more than I ever expected. It appears very well planned & this is readily apparent by each subject's incestuous intergration into the course as a whole - this has made the workload, which though extreme (for myself, no doubt!), is a deliciously thick morass to plunge oneself into as I duly am. The hours I've alloted as 'free-time' on the study schedule delightfully co-incide with my sleeping habits - which have been truncated to 5-6 hours per night. It's odd. Dreams of invertebrates being ravaged by parasites before being consumed by avian pursuit-divers, themselves soon afflicted by debilitaing contaminants delivering the parasites to their intended terrestrial hosts... and more!

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