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The wind drops and there may be just enough, from the right direction, at the right tide for... going hunting. Choosing to pass on the en-mass patronage of those days of thunder in favour of a search for silence and small sliders. The incredible diversity of the coastline out here is highly conducive to such pursuits. Chilly beans out West While Herculean monsters heave-ho on the outer banks, the deep pulses probe further in vibrating headlands as they swing inward, bending and distorting as they shuck out scything embayments, warping about a myriad of little islets before laughing out loud over bewildered bombies and quiet sand or pebbled strands of the inner reaches whose experience is oft limited to burbling tidal chuckles or wind-blown sniggers. Optional extras A single fin and that way-back swing that only a big log provides is the only sensible way to slide these things. Strange occasions are these to find waves pushing in this deep but here is true solace. With a tiny window for opportunism, the search is frantic and furtive but it's hard to appear discreet tipping along with racks stacked with nine-plus planks and foreign car reg. Boreen gem We're scrambling about the tatty roads out there 'somewhere' (I'm often lost and gleeful of it) with, at best, scraps of doodles on maps for guidance but mostly tickling hunches. The car swerves again back onto the pot-holed and frosty black top after drifting from the distractions of the wildly gesticulating passenger to yet another spurt of foam from behind a crumbling stone wall or salt-buckled hedge of blackberry and furze. Emptiness Sure it cold, sure we drove two hours and more to get there and then some and sure it's dark soon after 4pm. It sure was empty though and You can be sure I'm heading for the boonies again just as soon as I get the chance.

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