Warpmats - New site for hand-made surfmats

The website for Warpmats is now live - Warpmats make beautiful, hand-made surfmats. Warpmats is a new joint venture between myself and Matt Fedden, the craftsman behind Mc Surfmats. I started collaborating with Matt on the design and aesthetics of his Mc Surfmats a few years ago. Last year we decided to come together and re-brand Mc Surfmats and after months of work the new project is up and running. Our intention with Warpmats is to create fast, lightweight, functional wave-riding craft. Both Matt and I have a passion for making beautiful things. Our hand-made (yep, every single one from start to finish) surfmats offer established surfers, and those new to surfing, a very different way to access the joy of riding waves. Surfmats are all about the pure joy of riding waves

Warpmats - but what is a surfmat?

Let's get this out of the way first - a surfmat is not an inflatable bodyboard.
How a surfmat itself interacts with the wave shape, and the rider's experience when they are surfing across its surface, has its closest similarity with bodysurfing. You are more within the wave rather than on top of the wave. As wholly inflatable surf craft however, they are unique and radically different to any rigid craft like bodyboards, paipos, kneeboards, surfboards, skis, SUPs etc. Surfmats - fully inflatable surf craft designed to go fast Surfmats are a unique wave-riding craft that are completely inflatable, super lightweight, incredibly fast (check out this video of our surfmats in action) and extremely robust. You can take them out in all conditions. However, while they excel in smooth glassy surf conditions, surfmats also perform exceptionally well in choppy/bumpy conditions. From small, fun waves near shore through to more challenging conditions a surfmat will ride it all. Surfmats can ride whatever you're into - small shore breaks or chunky point breaks Compared to all other rigid surf craft a surfmat's unique characteristic of being inflatable, and ridden at low inflation, allows the bumps and irregularities of a wave to pass through the craft without slowing it down. In this way the surfmat can continue to accelerate across the wave face. It's a very different way to experience surfing waves - it allows you to become part of the wave. Through the Warpmats website Matt and I will be offering several stock model surfmats as well as a full custom service which will allow you to completely customise the look and design to create something truly unique. If you're curious and would like to know more, or want to buy one of these incredible craft, head to the new Warpmats shop. We'd love to make you one. Warpmats custom surfmat - acid dyed "Cellular" deck

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