untitled... or way, way, waaaaay too tired.

Tremors of exhaustion ripple through this wearied frame - with a palm-heels grinding the tiny crystals of salt from the corners of my eyes under the lids to loose tears I regain my composure to make another brief entry before melting unto the mattress...

I trudged back up the hill toward home after a wonderful but grueling day in the sea - five hours in the water, two free surfing and then another three with 12 kids on Camp. Great fun this week with a really nice bunch of little fellahs, Irish mostly but also two hip-hoppin baggy-clad brothers from Germany and a bright-eyed, bubbly and fearless bro & sis duo from Estonia to mix in with the local lads, some timid some downright reckless. Makes it a pleasure to see the kids really get stuck in...

I'm starting to see generational differences now with the demands and expectations that are voiced from these young throats compared to what I recall from my own early years. Sure, I'm getting older, but the shit these guys come out with really knocks me for six sometimes, well, more often than not come to think of it. Rattles my pre-conceptions of youngsters and discipline. Now those who remember back in the day, if you gave lip you were warned, two words:

Wooden Spoon.

Ahh... those were the days - except I was on the end of it for the most part. Nasty business if I recall. Didn't like it. But today I appreciate it. I smile quietly to myself when one of the little buggers curls their top lip to dribble some complaint and think of Mr. Bean in his headmaster skit awhile back...
"If only some of 'em were administered a few fatal beatings early on.."


Feck it. I let em bug me - part of some repressed masochistic tendencies I suppose. Likewise is my fetish for wanting to re-geek myself at the expense of my own sanity. Heidi has been egging me on to get myself acquainted with WordPress. Involving delving into the dark side of Mac, of which I'm clueless but needed to face soon enuff.

After several evening attempts at setting up my machine with a local server to run MySQL, PHP and whatever else this new blogging wrangler requires, I finally cracked it. Wordpress is up and running and frothing to terminate this Blogger account.

Soon this blog will have a new home.
Hark... tis the witching hour and my bedding calls.

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