"Transition" - hand-printed reduction lino-cut. Using the reduction method, the design is printed in stages. For each colour or 'plate', the design is drawn onto the block, the block is carved and the colour is printed. At each stage, the colour to be retained on the final print is carved away from the block with subsequent colours being over-printed onto the last. The process is repeated until the final plate has been printed and the block has been 'reduced' to the the final plate. The block can then be destroyed or marked to show the end of the edition. "Transition" - hand-printed reduction lino-cut For this piece, the first plate was carved to retain areas that were to remain white and the first colour, orange, was printed. Then the areas to remain in orange were carved away and the second colour, pink, was printed. Finally, the remainder was carved from the plate to retain only the area to be printed in the final colour, brown. What is left of the final plate has been carved to show the print date and confirm the end of the print edition. Original colours were mixed down immediately before each plate was printed with the registration and printing of all colours done by hand. Print size: 70 mm x 120 mm Edition: 9 only

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