These Strange Hearts

This print continues to prove to be a tricky one to get out right – and it's the getting it out right which is what the printmaker's ongoing challenge is. Each fin is a direct reference to fins I've owned, trialled, coveted, with one in the collection that is the golden hatchet to rule them all, the one that has been pivotal (ahem) to my Rooster-shaped, 9'6 BeachBeat Pacer. "Strange Hearts" Linocut print; Still on trial for errors. The image of the fins in stark relief like this stir things in me. Many memories, sure, but also a reminder of how assumptions can be shifted so quickly from tiny adjustments. What happens when you shift them forward or back, swap them out for something a little different or radically so? The board you thought you knew. Bottle jack press and the troublesome "Strange Hearts" linocut print Ah yes, but all of these have the magic of movement. For those glassed in however... oh so much more mysterious! What was going through the mind's eye of the artisan behind the craft? Could you have the audacity to question their judgement? Should they have, but what if it were a little more, or less, or with... They stir up my insides and set them aflame so they do. My monkey mind cavorts unceasingly, a futile wrestle with these slippery Strange Hearts...

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