The antipodean backflip

Blue Rock and beyond, Co. Sligo We're just starting to get settled in now - the chase for new digs, wheels, work and a secure internet connection is almost all sorted. I must say that It's a beautiful thing to be living on the littoral fringe again. More waves have been slid in the past three weeks here than in the last four years despite the single-digit temperatures. No sharks, no sunburn and no crowds as we know it Jim. Welcome back indeed. Last week I was dragged in to Sligo town to see a pop-up gallery organised by Jerusha Vaughn from Saci Perere Art Gallery in Sligo. Solid expression of some interesting movements happening out in the northwest. Looking forward to getting back into production mode and getting some contributions in to upcoming events. Already the inbox and ether is aflutter with queries for other commercial design jobs too. Roll on summer.

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