Trimming the fat for the past 40hrs. Cleaner, lighter, faster... mebe not stronger. I hope that the site is getting up on screen a lot quicker for folks checking in & out. This is still in testing for creepy crawlies so if you stumble upon something weird or broken on the site, please ! let me know.

Shedding some light

The lads at Solas took delivery of the first run of linocut prints a few days ago. Stoked to get some prints into these guys. They've got two stores on the Sunshine Coast, in Mooloolaba & Noosaville, full of beautifully crafted wave sliding devices, great art adorning the walls from the likes of Sketch Holiday, Kidman/Davis along with some lovely large photographs of the familiar from unfamiliar angles.

Breaths of life

Ahh, yes. Although the little bugger wasn't too keen on being evicted, overstaying her formal notice by ten days just to make her point, Heidi & Gary are now relishing in the little miracle that is their new baby daughter. Caught a glimpse in a few photos; pretty little thing (seen a few ugly pups & this aint one!) with all digits accounted for and jet black hair. No names yet.

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