Summer Rain

An empty A-frame sees the blind-man ripped up, making the final cut, reaching for refills, ready to get inked up. Last night in a haze, an attempt was made to re-tool. The result was explosive and showered shrapnel. Bugger. I harangued the off duty shop-top today for the tools to replace the bust-up; she conceeded & thus proceeded the completion of the latest lino cut.

Glass-top test prints

The next four days are joyfully void of an hours for currency exchange so I can retinue research into a new website concept. Payment has called for a barter will results for this eager aqua digger a delicious new single-fin. I'm feeling a-frothed with a chance to have a hand, arm & tooth in the design & shaping of this new froth-floater. It would be the first time for me to let loose upon a bare blank to let foam fly. It's certainly something that has festered for many years & seems to swing from privilege to the obligatory. Tomorrow I can concern myself with the mount & wrap of three new prints to deliver to the public. There's talc-talk of some sort of exhibitionist displays in the near future. A launch of the OD, shirts & prints. Negotiations are pending.

Summer Rain

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