Stencil resurrection

Another east-coast novelty arrives and fades layering fresh glazes into memory of swoops and arcs,  of undeterminable chattering acceleration across the surfaces of a sea come alive, its writhing undulations an ephemeral space exploited by few as stage, as canvas, as tapestry; clandestine soloists or the more gregarious exhibitionists. Revelers, artists and illustrators loosening their terrestrial fetters for the dance. Rare runner at Killiney Beach, 2014 Digging deep in a slowly rotting cardboard apple box over the weekend ("hmm... I know I've got a jew's harp/U-nail/L300 tail-light bulb/packet of alfalfa seed... in here somewhere) I pulled out a yellowed A4 envelope containing a stack of old stencils. Crikey, circa 2002 I reckon and last pulled by hand on a wobbly table set up in a garage somewhere on the great Sunny Hoax. It makes me smile to recall a little stack of crisp home-printed tees and behind them the trail carnage that created them. Well, why not get a few inked again? My smile got wider. Hungry Rumbler stencil ready to ink up some tees Little stack of inked up tees Hungry Rumbler stencil print A small run of tees has been done and mailed out. If you'd like to get your hands on one let me know. €15 - includes postage. Give me a shout if you're interested.

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