Stamping about

Some packaging ideas for the hand-pulled t-shirts lead to making up a small stamp with the OD snoozing possum insignia. With no soft rubber on hand an offcut of lino was used. Some ideas, like this one, start small and stay small which can be a bugger - the spine-bending time spent in bringing them to life is paid for later. Creating the ink stamp - line-out with initial incisions then carved out For the mounting block a little nugget was hacked off a sheet of 12mm ply down in the garden shed; the ply had been snavelled from a builder's skip a few months back with the thought that it'd come in handy for something eventually. Creating the ink stamp - cut-out and mounting to the block With the imaged carved out and the excess was trimmed away, the lino was super-glued onto the block and a little more of the glue painted around the bottom and edges of the block to help seal the wood. After the glue had set hard, the edges of the lino was further shaved down to give more clearance. Creating the ink stamp - testing the final mounted stamp; happy days. Test prints with an old ink-pad showed the rigidity of the lino showed there wasn't an even transfer of ink from the stamp to the paper but gave it a rough character. On flat stock, like the copy-paper pictured above, the rough effect was pronounced but could be reduced by pushing down hard on the stamp until a tiny snap-crackle-pop from the digits. Ink coverage on padded envelopes was sharper while retaining a rough character that I reckon will be fun to work with. Happy days.

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