Sligo Design Week

Now only a week away Sligo Design Week (kudos to Denise Rushe, the darling from Starling, et al. for the hard yards put in behind it) has come to fruit with an exciting mix of exhibitions, talks, happenings and workshops. I was approached a little while back to see if I'd be keen to host a linocut printing workshop. Was I keen? I was frothing! Impressive; getting the bottle jack press in actionI've got an hour to introduce relief print-making and where linocut print fits in, then get folks creative with transferring their own idea onto a block, carve it out with minimal blood-loss and finally produce their own print, possibly prints, of their own creation. I'll be using the hand-made bottle jack press that Graham and I put together but will also be showing how the trusty wooden spoon can be just as functional. The key thing I'd like to get across in the workshop is that the process of printmaking with linocut is thoroughly enjoyable for all ages as it's accessible and inexpensive as far as materials and easy getting set-up at home or wherever your medium/small/micro-studio may be.  Swell 1; linocut print As whirlwind tour it's going to be super fun. It's giving me the kick-start I've needed to put together the printmaking workshops that folks have been hassling me about for the coming winter; in mind for these is linocut, dry-point and silk-screen printing with other possibilities being explored too. I'll post the creations from the workshop up here after the workshop is done.

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