Shore Shots Irish Surf Film Festival


Shore Shots Irish Surf Film Festival


The Lighthouse Cinema, Smithfield, Dublin, Ireland Christian McLeod - On the road to Dublin this weekend for the 2014 Shore Shots Irish Surf Film Festival. So much goodness to get in front of. For the short film competition, which should be breath-taking on the big-screen, I've thrown in a framed limited edition, lino-cut print for one of the winners. Given the heaving that the Atlantic coasts have had over the past year the footage captured and put together in these film will be epic. Frothing to see the still frames from the eight hardy photogs in their exhibts too. Staring into these eerily still, silent fragments from amidst such maelstroms of chaos can be unsettling. My brain fizzes with the thought of the rider immortalised in the moment, the others out there watching the spectacle unfurl in front of them, the others whose innards liquefy as they watch the rider disappear out of view... but the folks behind the lens? I'm looking forward to catching up with all of these headers. McLeod has been getting some good traction this year. Talented and proper gentleman - stoked to have had a few sliders of my own snapped by him. Uncharted Waters – The Personal History of Wayne LynchPity the folks putting the fest together couldn't afford the beans to get Wayne Lynch over to give Uncharted Waters his thumb. Nonetheless, this is one doco that I'd walk across the country to watch it huge. Unquestionably a pivotal figure in Australia's surfing heritage. Properly plugged in, still is. Take a breath, watch the trailer and book yer tickets. Get a brief heads-up at EOS then go do some homework. A lot to absorb on different levels and help re-evaluate our contemporary connections to surfing and the marine environment. See you amongst the heads.

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