Self-saucing inspiration from the Offset

It was my sister that affirmed my presence would be necessary at this year's Offset conference, Dublin's premiere annual creative event for print and design. Some insight she has. With the last year being wholly immersed in purely marine science focused conferences and workshops, this event has been a welcome salmon swung hard into the back of the head. I'm home fidgety, most uncomfortable, my arse and back aches and I'm baffled as to what the hell I've been doing in the evenings and weekends that has kept me from pumping out contorted reimaginings of the weirdness that is my current full-time work as print-ready artwork... Personally, the cage-rattling inspiration has flocculated from the likes of: Some of the stand-outs for this head, for sure, but additionally the threads of many others up-front and about the venue have been big ticklers. Unnaturally so but most welcome. Perhaps foolishly a commitment has been made to take on a commission for the production three works for print to be served up with a month. The brief is to draw the work into play using a three spot colour restriction for the work, the challenge as a nod to the fabulous work from Nobrow Press; find their books in all their deliciously fresh flesh and smell them, stroke them. The challenge is thrown down. I know where I have to go to pull it up from and it's going to get muddy...

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