Run, run as fast as you can

Bottle Jack Press – These Strange Hearts Last few days left before we move out of our house in Sligo and begin the long journey back to Australia, eventually Hobart in Tasmania. Exciting and hectic times. There's a lot on, a lot of loose ends to tie up, decisions on what to pack or cull... Linocut print – Cormorants triptych All this happening when, finally, the days are well into stretching long and languidly into Spring and with them warm sunshine, blue skies and offshore wind. Rather than what we should be doing, we're procrastinating. Despite multiple lengthy lists of things to do it seems rather pertinent to get some scones baking and do last minute print runs. Today, I decided to get a run of These Strange Hearts printed followed by an order of the Cormorants triptych. Smiling. It's going to be another late one. I'm going to miss my handmade bottle jack press. Ahh well, I've got my old wooden spoon packed. Linocut print – These Strange Hearts limited edition

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