Root down

There's a big deck out the front. New place, new space, new steps, new steps, new steps. Grand so.
Two new lino-cuts are about to hit the OD shelves. Prints onto stretched watercolour paper & caressed with gouache hues. There's an odd tilt to the latest. Growth, somewhat. New angles. A slow reach for the gun - there's no rush; he's been there all along. Very understanding & gladly nothing at all.
There's dogs surrounding the oils & acrylics out on the acreage. Apparently I'm missed. My girls. It is nice to missed by dogs. Time must be jockeyed to return to both.
Shirts to be released, on the shelves by the 7th of November. I hope to have the site's shop up & running by then.
Higher up here. Is it rain or just the wind? The rush of hushes is lovely regardless.

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