Return to Empire

I have, at this stage, a little under 20 hours left in Eire. The prospect of such is being processed with an amalgamation of assorted emotions. The major sauce that seems to be spicing sweetly the transition is simply... change.

It's reflection upon observation is my own crooked smile so I guess I take what I can from that - look harder at that reflection, look deeper and see what glint is there that will serve as sparks to ignite something new.

The Australian Aborigines we big fans of burning away the lands as they moved on to new territories. The process served as an organic reboot. Top idea., ahh... should I be setting fire to Eire upon my departure? Hurl molotovs over my shoulder as the ferry pulls out? Think I might treat myself to a tastier cocktail on the way out.

Nothing is new. It is & has always been. Our illusions of discovery seems to be rather mistaken re-discoveries and yet I'm sure that that is also an inaccurate description but I will persevere; All is and was. Just because we believe we have not seen it before does not make it any more new and unprecedented than light photons falling upon an unfurling grass-shoot is producing new life. Cycles continue as they have always done so.

Maybe if I could loosen myself of a concept of Discovery and Learning, I might awaken to a Knowing that was, not a part of, but me all along.

I have a cloud forming...
The delusion of requiring the institutions of Man to be the provider of knowledge seems a slavish subscription for the dull-witted. It is a fascinating concept; one very carefully and cleverly marketed, that the path to Knowing is through these institutions. Yet the process of education is not simply our schooling and nor does it finish with such. In our time the indoctrinators are much more than a schooling system. The teachers are now wearing every manner of uniform, and none, and the loudest of which are speaking without tongues, with images whose impact are far more devastating.

The fact that from the earliest possible age, we are indoctrinated with the concept of unquestioningly deferring the responsibility of the acquisition and dissemination of information to another is altogether quite terrifying. You are incapable of taking on the task yourself so you will be told all you need to know. You will not discover for yourself that nature of mind and the purpose of existence - you will be told. You will shape your future ideas based upon what has gone before. All of your experience will be judged not with the innocent ignorant openness of a newborn child, but within the confines of pre-established thought and behavioural patterns.

As children we are instructed by our parents. As adolescents and young adults that responsibility is deferred to Educational Institutions. As adults we think we have finished this formal instruction however we shift that responsibility to the Media. The nipple is redressed. It would not be so alarming if the deferral of said responsibility was to a wholly impartial organisation whose sole purpose was to determine the nature and purpose of life but this is simply not the case.

Where our schooling years may have been a distasteful experience where information was force-fed to us, the Media, the teacher beyond the school, could shape it's information in every possible way and season the flavour to suit every individual's taste, colour preference, political kant - there's something there for everybody. The origins are the same. The manufacturers are the same.

Television, magazines, newspapers, books, billboards, advertisements, political, sociological, scientific commentary, all of which are pushed though the same channels. Though it may appear that we are offered every opportunity to choose for ourselves what is ingested, and that our choice is based upon the provision of unbiased information from all available sources, it is not channels, plural, but singular. One root of information and this is a channel which is operated for the purpose of the dis-empowerment of our species. This singularity of Authority seems to be worshiped, unquestionable, with the blind faith of religious fundamentalists.

It seems highly probable that our institutions of education and the Media exist in a symbiotic relationship. The two appear to be co-existent or at base are but different faculties of the same machine.

Both are businesses, both generate income, so how can there be impartiality? The two are inextricably linked for financial gain. Governments have become the front-ends of immensely powerful multi-national corporations. The walls of separation between the education system, the media, governments, dominant religions and the giants of industry (wheat, concrete, weapons, petroleum as a few) a beginning to become very opaque and the diffusive and osmotic effects of such close quarters is more and more apparent.

Luckily I'm assured that it's just some mad conspiracy theory.
Can't recall who told me that though, must have picked it up somewhere...

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