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The trifles of productivity

We're knee-deep in it now. The short days, grey skies and horizontal sleet out here. So soon are folks forgetting how great the weather has been the last two months. I'm glad I began stockpiling driftwood as soon as we moved out west. Most recently I've been exploring the possibilities of some sort of studio-space that we could expand into. We've recently picked up a shiny new (2nd hand in pretty good nick) four-colour carousel that came with a rake of useful goodies. Sure, with some serious threatening and colourful languages it might be squeezed into the little wooden shed out back but there are other possibilities. The lure of a city centre studio is certainly there but we've had to remember to shuffle back a bit and consider the costs and benefits of doing so rather than continuing to operate from home. Making the latter work creates sparks in my brain– how much can you get a shipping container for these days? Studio Shipping Container. Image source: I'm really keen to get the 4-colour carousel up and running and exploring some multiple colour ideas for both clothing and art prints. The new year is looking exciting in this respect. Oh, and we're nearly finished with the Organic Devolution web shop too. Very excited about this as it has been such a long time coming. We'll let you know across all channels as soon as it goes live. Organic Devolution online shop preview Feature image smage source:

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