Peering down the line

I spent at least an hour ransacking the little unit here in Strandhill for where I had stashed away the poster-tube of brushes that had come with us across from Tasmania over two months ago. Seaside living, scratching a living and finding opportunities to get involved in different happenings about the community have been consuming. The new sights and sounds from the hemispheric flip have stirred an older muse from fitful slumber - perhaps not too pleased at being roused but grudgingly prepared to resume the position; come on, remember the good times? Recall the twilight? These are different times though; shifty and uncertain perhaps, but a dawn all the same for the subconsciously opportunist. Come what may and let me have my tools at hand. Study for Lines 1; paint & ink on paper by Ian Jermyn Study for Lines 2; paint & ink on paper by Ian Jermyn Studies for series 'Lines,' by Ian Jermyn 250 x 350mm, acrylic paint & indian ink on paper

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