Work and travel; a fine mix indeed with the latter made muse to channel insight to the former. Repatriation has brought-with a wealth of brief-glimpsed and swift-scratched figments snatched from the fringes of imagination. Self-imposed isolation in the apex of the Kestrel nested pyramid leeched life from base duo-dimensionalar monochromactics to colour-birth visceral visions of fanciful distraction. 34 reworkings vibrate with a half-life. At this state I and each hesitates in wait for a final movement.
Research is being done into printing techniques of tradition; ones to justify the state of the art. Course dates stretch languidly into months ahead doing nowt to abate the itch which is thieving of me sound sleeps. Head downs and eyes roll as the body gives away to fatigue from menial cash-jobbing but the mind is ever effervescent, begs satiation, torments and tumbles the conscious in vents of frustration.
The images must be freed. Organic Devolution has now a host to call home; here comes an itstory.
Enjoy the visions.

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