Meeting of Minds

No matter how far I find myself from the Sunshine Coast the dunes have always stuck with me. Every morning before the first foot-fall of even the earliest risers, excluding of course the jittery scamperings of all those things without backbones, those majestic, wind-combed undulations of ground white gold, sparking with spinifex, snuggle up to the sea in their new forms - a subtle shift on the shapes of yesterday. Carving the final panel for the "Meeting of Minds" linocut print Lifting away the lino from the block, my hand feels about in an attempt to find the rhythm of those wee-hour sea breezes. The gouges along tight arcs, flickering along and flicking out - my hand pushing sand then grass then cloud then sea. The two that met in the middle appeared as an afterthought, unplanned. Carving well underway when new shapes enquired about a featuring role front and centre. Of course, it made sense. The finished blocks, carved and ready for print; "Meeeting of Minds"

There seemed to always be someone who has gotten down there earlier than you. The early, the super early, the dawnie, the pre-dawnie... It's all smiles though.

"Get a few?"

"Yeah, it's good"

"Nice one. Catchya..."


"Meeting of Minds", linocut print Print size: 220 mm x 500 mm Available here.  

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