Mapleton, Lost in the Hinterland

A delightful dash up into the green hills of the Coast's hinterland. Bright and beautiful - sun shining and hot as buggery.

It's always fun following the twists of dodgy little roads fit for a rally/pursuit track for your favourite gaming console. But then of course you don't get to choose the lovely 'Juanita', from the dazzling array of shiny hot-rods and street-machines.. Bumbling along at pace as she does, with the engine screaming, straining to maintain the speed limit...

Fun when your man's digi camera flattens it batteries just as you decend through the sun-dappled shadows of the National Park on the way down into the lush serenity that hangs heavy at Kondalila Falls. A glinting cascade that laughs all the way down an 80m rockface into the breathing greens of the jungle below. A return trip is planned.

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