Managing expectations

I look around the blog and I see cobwebs traversing the weeds. Though it doesn't feel like it, things have been progressing. Tuning yourself in to the cadence of new rhythms takes time - steady as she goes...

We're a few months settled in Ireland from our relocation from Tasmania earlier this year. I had a spell in a warehouse to help us get on our feet but it quickly became apparent that minimum wage wont cut it for childcare in this country. Since then I've been caring for the wildings full time. Interestingly you don't so much need a muse when you've an 11-month old and a 4-year-old. No, I don't need a muse but by crikey, I'd give my patchy neck-beard for several consecutive minutes to make a few miles on some creative work. Regardless, you've got to work with what you've got and things have been coming along.

Organic cotton tea towel screen printed with an illustration of an incredible piece of toast
Undeniably toast has superpowers as-yet unknown to science; research continues. The illustration is screen printed onto organic cotton tea towels.

If you're following things on Instagram then you may have seen some but otherwise I'm bringing them down to the Strandhill People's Market every second Sunday. The online shop is in bits but getting rebuilt - as I've kept telling Market folk since May. I'd love to have it up and running so folks have the opportunity to avail of the current collection in time for... you know.

Jellyfish Cassette screen print on organic cotton t-shirt.
Strange bedfellows - retrospective. How long before all that's left in the seas and oceans are jellyfish and plastics? The illustration has been screen printed on organic cotton tees.

Parenting - by crikey. Yes, I know - self-imposed suffering stemming from an acute mis-match between desired and feasible outcomes. Luckily I've the privilege of proximity to the littoral fringe which has offered some welcome respite...

Surfing a Warpmats surf mat in clean waves at sunset in Sligo, Ireland.
Surfing one of Matt Fedden's Warpmats surf mats in some fun waves on a golden evening in Sligo, Ireland. Photo: Thomas Naschenweng.

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