Make, do

There's a lot to be said for precision timing, careful planning, critical execution, waiting for just that right moment... that sort of thing. Isn't there? Well sure, but then there also seems to be a lot to be said for having a crack, giving it a go, spontaneity, free jazz and interpretive dance. Who or what are we waiting for? Who are we trying to impress here and now or later? I'm uncertain if I'm really confused at all. Am I really indecisive? Why do I ever second guess myself, shrug off intuition? Make do Wandering through life constantly bombarded with projections of ideals, the ultimate this, the perfect that, things needed but out of reach, desires fabricated, goals and aspirations fidget and taunt in the jaunty jilt of the marionettes they are - the string-pullers out of sight or shamefully in our faces. Delusion junkies leering maniacally in the sunshine or feebly sobbing shadows in shadows of shadows. Fuck that. Get lucid - it's all now. It's always been now. Get up and make it happen. Make, do. But... what about fear? What about consequences?     ...and you're back in the room.

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