Board SaleFloggin them off so they are. Tasty too I'll bet. Check out Solace for more... Weather. Lovely stuff. Delusional whimsy that holidays spring sunshine and rainbows on cue... No fussing this puss however. Board up the doors and layer up like a wooly matryoshka... le Filles De Kilimanjaro are splintering the floorboards of the dining room. Discards from past months whirl like ash now, semi-transparent and fading fast. Shadows with reptile tongues lick and tickle behind corners, just out of sight but not so silent as to escape notice. No alarm, we're all friends here. We share threads of steam with hypodermic fictions ...just enough to taste and turn back. Morning terminated the copper quirk a moment before an army of capillaries exploded into chorus. Crimson and snow. She'll not abide, so to arms us all and feather away the tracks, soft and careful lest she ken. Much more a mess could have had us all asunder but it was precaution that took reign with nick and just-in for both. No mean treat but without such an air of solvency, at peace would've we kept for a few more resentful hours. This morning she fell face down and smeared bruising pigments across her neat, tight features - such a shame. Got up smiling though, so she did. Lustre

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