jungle dreaming

I'm outta here.
The ice-cream head-aches from three-plus duck dives are coming to an end with a shimmer on the horizon morphing shapes of jungle-green monochromes and hazing heat. I'm leaving Croyde. Itching cause I want to get the hell out this afternoon after lunch but the realism of waiting another two or more weeks is sinking in. But then again, so osmoticly seeping is the realisation that I'm leaving these chilly climes for the tropics and surf-fantasy land.

Gotta book tickets
Think about getting those nasty Clexane shots
Fret about transporting my fish with fins intact
Dream of living under a tree on the edge of a jungle
Lusting for the warm water running off my sunburned back
Sheltering from the sun in an Uluwatu barrel

...I'm coming

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