Jump suits

There's light. A freckle of illumination winking little smiles.
Settled on six designs for the sample range. Six mens tees & three girls tees in some lovely colours. The order is in & shirts are due in about 10 days. From there it's on the road to seek the right little nooks to stash them in. Have to coax Juanita into feeling like she needs road-tripping down that old coast trail. Make it seem like it was her idea all along.
Hmm. Nice to get Carties big & chunky this morning with two or three others out. Heaving & shifty was it with some whomping sling-shots past the rock wall. The fish fins were singing sweet harmonies. Clocks to be set to be sure (to be sure) to catch worms; hoping that a stiff offshore will groom the amphitheater for another opus.

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