Inflatable t-shirts

Blue skies and sunshine and the pressure to get something done before heading out west again for the weekend - deadlines make things happen. Unearthing an old t-shirt stencil I discovered that with a little tweak the past pisstake on an boogieboard-riding old fella becomes mirror for my recent dignity-stripping transition from stand-ups to surf mats. The design was originally inspired from the decades-ago grom years when during a session out at the Bluff on the Sunshine Coast (Australia) I saw the geography teacher from school out back in the hustle with the rest of us. A bewildering moment of, what the hell is this goon doing out here? Hah, what a kook! T-shirt stencil print, "FSU!" - 3-up-process Turn, turn, turn... oh how the tables have turned. The print becomes portal, linking past and present. Here and now I am at once the Grommet and the Goon, the sacred and the profane. I'm not trying to blow up, I'm trying to ride a blow up...
The shirts are going for €15 - includes shipping. Keen? Get in touch.

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