in through the out door

Just as the title suggests.
My fellow surf coaches have been kind enough to fill the gap in their absence. They're set to move into Sligo town for college and leave their big double room in a lovely house at the top of the village to me. Huzzah! say I.
Double Bed
All these such simple things I have so dearly missed, thus when this opportunity presented itself I leapt at it with all the gleeful voracity of a oversexed penguin in rutting season... Sure it's a bit out of the way and it may take 15mins to walk down into the village for work but this mild displacement accomodates a refreshing feeling of welcoming. Daily detachment from the evils of the brain-bubbling bottom-road cess-pool can only be a good thing. So too the walk up-hill at the end of each day, this ascension to higher things, making way with the majesty of the mountain before you lifting your heart and mind. Lahhhhvly...

But, such relocations comes with complications and consequences. For a while.
This will be my last posting untill braodband is connected to the new gaff so fear not! My silence with be stifled for only a brief period and then, newly rooted in said new digs, the flow will again be resumed, revived and likewise with follow my growing dis-interest and vaugeness and eventually cessation of this pointless diatribe that has culminated into quite an uneventful journal.

Till soon, I bid you all my bollocks.

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