Illustration for wedding invitations

Late last year a beautiful couple of close friends commissioned me to put together some special invitations for their wedding. The illustration was to include a curious list of things that were dear to them and symbolised special moments and places they had shared over the past few years. The invitations were finished as a three-colour screenprint on handmade paper. Custom wedding invitations - 3-colour screenprint on handmade paper with handmade envelopes The paper and matching envelopes were handmade and folded locally in Hobart by the Plane Tree Studio. Getting registration for the three-colour screenprint with the deckled edges of the paper needed the genius of Jon Williamson from Inkpot Studios. I owe Jon a great debt for the advice and insight he passed on to me with this project and over numerous other visits to his studio. The finished job on the invitations was just beautiful - a combination of two masters of their crafts. Custom wedding invitations - 3-colour screenprint on handmade paper I've been waiting for the call from my friends to follow up and do the full colour illustration. Last week I got to get stuck in. Working through the illustration again to do the colouring was really fun and made the concept come alive in new ways. I'm looking forward to seeing a decent print of this one. Custom wedding invitations full colour illustration

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