here comes my baby, here she comes now...

This is verily well the lyric rhetorical. Heidi is well past a week due and tenderhooks persist on the polarities for news of favorable omens. Tonight I met a family from County Kerry.  Ahh, so those that know will ken, an those that dinnae willnae so themselves.
The wholesale deal with American Apparel has squared. Interest from both the UK & Ireland has been solidified so steppin out involves denominations of hard currency. Busy week? Not quite. A busy month of fantasy work hours, alcoholism & too little sleep has fruited much and vibrated a fiery lust in the spoke veins of the great wheel.
Fair ruffled with the switch of employment as one overtakes the other, swerves, to double-back and grind the weaker into powder. The local art supplies store now has me & in turn I have a savage staff discount to threaten a fearful savings account with.

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