Grape Extractations

Ahh the heavens, what am I to do? Or rather, in what state am I to be found?

...already admitting guilt. My flatmate, soon to return home, and the animal, pacing, ranting, frothin intelligible line & verse from some unwrit play is foaming though wine-stained molars. Of course it's ridicule, not fear, with which I will be met. My accomplices from Act 1, Scene 1, which have led to the current have both departeded, vanished, both with better excuses than I. Shambling between mustering the motivation necessarry for some form of food preparation and more fuel for the extension of this early evenings's disfunction. One player has left for work with his share of a bottle and a half to his gullet and the other dissolved leaving the responsibility for the remaining half bottle to myself. No complaints at this stage, mind you.

What better else have I to consume myself with at close to seven in the pm of a weeknight. Nowt.

Ahh... still a half mouthfull left in the first bottle. The smell is acidic but to taste is sweet and smooth. Bless the Barossa Valley vineyards. Eyebrows burning as I watch with detachment the melting sheets of rain slip, haphazzardly down the panes overlooking the golfers trudging the greens not more than a hundred yards distant. And who is faring better?

I know the question is rhetorical, 'but for whom?', is upon which I muse, amused.

Somewhere back on the sitting room table, the bottom half of a south east Australian merlot patiently pauses between decantings into the adjacent over-sized glass goblet. Neither object mine, but both fuel & tool will be utilised to further my depletion... this morning I had noble intent, direction & focus. Now I find myself slumped, disconnected from any real or imaginary responsibilities and leering lustily into an evening of further debilitations... in the fridge I can recall several mixed beers and ciders - without outside intervention, I accept that the remainder of the evening (further - till luncheon tomorrow?) is surley to be lost...

But for now I shall simply smile and nod. No-one is present and my glass is requiring replenishment.

Good evening.

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