Got ink

Lino prints

A day of play. Intriguing developments from all sides. Decided upon a 4th plate to carve so the morrow's delivery would account a four on four set. Tonight however, I finish late again amidst a mess of shavings, a spiced tongue, lids weighing anchors. I salivate for more supplies; ink & paper to complete the series. A day of test-print experimentation have flayed open cognitive comprehension of possibilities. There's certain delight in the day's stains but the shadows smile in comprehension of those perverse mutations to come. Minimal line arcs with slender bends and tease much the imagination which leans lax abrushing an awareness loose & alush with the improbable. Strange sweethearts coax each other with the slight flickers and feathers of breaths; nothing vocalised but several shades of indecency intimated. And gladly. Functional deviancy. They'll know nothing beyond the text. For the more investigative, let them nibble laced offerings that swing from strings.

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