Fool; don't look down.

Blacker I Head up, chin up, step up. The initial scratchings on copper plate to be etched. A tribute to the man behind a Ted Deerhurst Lightning Bolt pin-tailed single fin which slumbers awhile till the next opportune visitation of over-sized oceanic undulations. The image is based on a series of snappings taken during the initial invocations in his shaping bay in North Devon. The image is to be the first in a of a series of three etchings. With current relocations immanent, the proposed printing dates will fidget in limbo's cafeteria with coffee & a few selections from a cream-assorment tray while I find a suitable solution for their reset. Bath-time & roll-ons of appropriate heavyweights should deliver some interesting results. Is it cold out in space, Bowie?

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