Eyes hang out.

Ten days home already. Back to the Nest. New twigs and feathers, same view, same smell, same squaws from same jaws. The trade-in canine swings by it's teeth from the same rope which swung his predecessors. Nothing changes. All manner of scaffolding in the imagination of coastal metropolisation have tumbled; Non-significant changes. Maybe I'm in denial and the awareness has shunted shock from the conscious mind in a desperate act of preserving an embrittled brain.

I pull the curtains and work. I graze and caffinate or herbalise. Briefly beach the dog to relieve squaring eyes. Hard at it getting inks into order within the confines of tangled black lines; it's fruitful work and tasty too. Nearly twenty five pieces in all completed, coloured, ready from print; but there's the rub. The easy option is not appealing.

This horse is searching for courses. Wood-cut, lino-cut, litho, mezzo, etching; endless options entangle the imagination. Capital requirements seem ridiculous at this stage. Soaring above and beyond flock car-rego, flights repayments, lodging & food, extortionate fuel spikes, $7 pints, website lift-offs, business & trademark registrations.

Focus, don't fold. Or at least fold the insignificants and keep them underfoot. It's come to necessities. New circles or those old rusty ellipses jostle and shriek as the metal-on-metal grind threateningly to join like magic rings; all up in the air, all entertainment in the moment but that show is fleeting and today I'm no fan for it. In the dark with no eyes for witness comes the tap-tap of new loops being beaten into shape.

No light just yet. Just the tap..tap..tap.

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