Haa well now, serves me right for taking a challenge. 15 nude little canvases were on offer to splash with paint as an addition for this Noosaville exhibit. Bring the noise. About half are complete & the process is awash with a profound tide of enjoyment. Things are loose & making like a mercury bell rising from a heightening external atmosphere.Inside Pictures on papers of me & mine were not what I had in mind 6 months ago. With a boot from the Kingdom & a one way ticket with a slow bounce through Bali has seared the return to eden with the flames of fruit. Next weekend I'm gifted with an opportunity to publicly expose myself in & out. Not a break I needed but took in hand to force an issue. More flashes of mindful awareness come to strobe visions with the luminescence required to see-shift though some opaque fabricated plates. The weather shall be warm & fine. Stoked to hear the the lad providing the acoustic set for the night has played with Bernard Fanning's beautiful Tea & Sympathy album; Andrew Morris. Quite looking forward to catching some good tunes on the coast with some new & old friends.

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