Driving inspiration

Working full-time has brought odd changes in lifestyle. Endless hours seep away as eyeballs turn to jelly and adhere to microscope eyepieces searching for specific shapes on the tips of hairs sprouting from the eyebrows of tiny worms; passing time in transit trying to force down the food-like substances sold at exorbitant prices whilst en-route to week-long conferences or workshops in weird  and wonderful locations. Weekends are now approached like annual holidays - most of them 'the best xmas ever'.

One of the joys of my life is the little car. Pack it well and hit the roads in darkness. It's not thirsty and loves the miles.

Another West coast drainer

It has never said a word about sitting on headlands, at the ends of mucky farmer's tracks or in sea-side car-parks in frigid temperatures getting blasted by salt spray.West coast drainer

It is the benign, smiling Yoda of surf exploration, "heavy you are not, shoulder your burden I will." The West coast is full of treasures.

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