Down the rabbit hole...

"Sure it's rabbits"
"Yeah, yeah, rabbits. For sure, saw 'em m'self..."
Riiiight. I've to box up the directives of a lover before she's gagged & bagged with webbings of all shades are alike tossed in scout-response for an impending mercury fall-out. "You can tell her, I'm livin' on the Islands..", more or less so is it to be. I'm to the belly of a steely eagle for 7am come the morrow; ready or not, here I come.
The excesses paid may turn out to be insufficient. There's a lot of gear to shift with the box sporting more shadows than definite shifts. Along with some standard social texts, there's a case of keys which may come in handy to jack those weighty loads.
Waves for friends this afternoon. They'd bid well & shushed any shadow-pouts with promise of word-ins submitted to their southern siblings. Come on down, g'wan with yeh. They've just bought fresh caps for the starter's gun so toes on, tuck in & breathe...

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