... yes, yes. No net at home at the mo so scrounging bytes where I can. This time in Kiliney in Dublin (where Bono lives... somewhere). Checking train times after a long weekend surfing in Lahinch on the west coast. Scored some beautiful longboarding waves - the place was just dripping with waves.

I'd planned to enter the longboarding competition that was on for the weekend but entries had closed the previous week so no luck. Did far more surfing thatn I wouldv'e if competing fer sure so it was maybe for the best.

But exciting stuff... the week before I'd spent some money and time drawing up 15 shirts to sell somehow at some stage down in Lahinch over the weekend - goofy surf prints, waves doodled with fat old blokes on dinged-up longboards etc... took them to a surfshop who helped me out two weeks prior and the bloke buys all stock! Cash money on the spot. Couldn't believe it. Took some photos of what was sold so will put them up when I get the prints. Huzzah.

The surf-shirt empire begins...

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