Dia dhuit agus céad míle fáilte!

Might take a few days to come down from there ere heights. A day and few to re-entangle. Morning after repatriation and the body has its familiar tremors resultant from large Jamies on several pints of so-lovely stout. So much for dinner; to be expected when inevitable hazard of pub rendezvous. In Sin-é, the thought of food seems as slippery as a Liffey flung bicycle. Come Cobblestone's, the belly has deteriorated into deliriously introspective theoretical justifications of pints as food.
Stagger homeward engulfed in flame.

Morning-after-extended-breakfasts, experienced professionals. Serious consumption executed in exquisite style; Sunday morning RTE-Lyric pouring honey.

The National Gallery in town had a Revelation. Inspiring wonder and intrigue and bless the Printer/Master. One piece shook and I lost all memory. Left lusting to carve and cut and wash and stain - bring me my tools.

Heidi puts on a show with four months to go. Tingles. The house looks good. New wooden floors & fresh licks of paint fluff new character; sometimes one needs good cover.

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