Bernard Fanning's solo album is politely whining away behind me. Something about his soft raspings diffuse for me what feels like an iconicly Aus-music lilt to my ears. Lovely stuff it is. Trying to listen to the cues for clues to divulging the tonal varietals of the tunes. Dropped 'D'? Open 'G'?

Playing more guitar than I have in a while - no songs as such, just the joy of string fiddling and half-chord dismantlations for junky rhythms... folky, reggae, trad. flavoured. I'd like to spend a little time with the 'Mad for Trad' files I was gifted in the chills of January. Same bloke, a mad saffa with strong Irish blood, Illum pipes player, blessed me with GBs of trad mp3s. A wonderful collection of pipers, squeezey-box players, fiddlers, bazouki, flute & whistle... some just vocal in Irish, chills and swoons my heart for what I left behind. There's feck-all intimate little sessions in any of the locals about the area. An open mic night here and there but that's such a feeble consolation.

Blessed be Sligo, how I miss her.

The results of Heidi's requested random gallus-themed sketchings for her blog-revamp. All rights reserved.

Had some down time inflicted by an evil little tummy bug. Local GP monotoned indifference was accompanied with inevitable reflex thrust of miscellaneous prescription. What worked not for the Verve, worked a treat for

Kept busy on the couch with worked sketchings for a new set of prints planned to be released for the coming season here. One of the surf shops here have shown interest in purchasing (rather, a term-lease is in negotiation) two of the designs from the five print set from a collection done in Strandhill, Sligo, over the winter. The shop has some admirable aspirations with regard to the environment - Carbon Zero, 1% for the Planet, Global Angels. Any business not only committing to such ideals but making the changes deserves recognition - fine example.

Here's a sneak peak of the coming-soon set...

(c)2008 - All rights reserved.

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