Culleenamore kitchen middens

I guess the chores of the youngsters were different back then. Now, I've often flagged the washing up for the morning after but the mess down in Culleenamore on Sligo's Coolera peninsula indicate the area's usage by clean-up defaulters goes back thousands of years. So what about our generation's throw-ahead for the next few thousand? Odd artifacts of marine plastics perhaps will be our colourful and lasting legacy. Clean up your mess. I guess that leads to a genuine opportunity for you, dear reader, to get stuck in and do a bit. This evening, Wednesday 15th May, the Clean Coasts programme run by Ireland's Coastcare is hosting a beach clean-up at Strandhill beach here in Sligo. If you can read this... you're too close - to miss it! Come down to the beachfront tonight at 6.30pm and join in. Gloves and bags provided and if doing this out of respect for your beach ain't enough motivation for you, Shells Cafe have put up a €35 voucher to be raffled off for those willing to get dirty for it. "Culleenamore kitchen middens," digital art by Ian Jermyn "Culleenamore kitchen middens" Digital art from sketches by Ian Jermyn

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