Creamed Honey

Shaped by Kevin Cross, circa 70s, these boards suspended in mid-air and my disbelief. Such beautiful & sensuous craft birthed in those legendary days of yore when design anomalies were channeled through the fingers of the mystics, exorcised from foam, now hang silent and proud. To many of those passing strollers and grockles, punters and pokers, these either go unnoticed or are peered at leerily.

Forgive them, they know not what they do.

Here is a snapshot in time. A fragment of the Evolution of species. Rescued from all corners that they may pass their days in silence and meditate upon the lines they once drew for a privileged few who were borne upon them.

Loose your eyes and liquefy your mind and run the curve of rail, the cut of tail. Hallucinate to the molecular level and get kinesthetic with high-speed aqua-dynamics as you bring her to life, pulling Gs from arcs from rail to rail...
Where would you take them?
How would they work?
Where could they take you?

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