Introspective cormorants

Winter promenading. Such a joy is this leg-stretching meandering along the briny fringes of city and sea. Here one's nostrils are assailed with the foetid perfumes of rotting wracks and the  carcases of strange invertebrates entangled within. Where the chill westerlies wetly wheeze soaking through each and every layer into the very marrow of the soul. Amongst those oblivious to, or perhaps even delighting in, such conditions is the cormorant. At rest these yogis repose with fidelity to their designated perch to contemplate the deep questions of the cosmos. Serene and composed they here offer a silent lesson in mindfulness. Introspective cormorants triptych; linocut "Cormorants, south Dublin" - hand-printed linocut Print size: 140 mm x 240 mm

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