Bulk Mart 3, Hobart

Great fun popping up the Organic Devolution market stall for Bulk Mart 3 over the weekend in Hobart. Visual Bulk is a funky space - high ceilings and BRIGHT! Just what you want when you're throwing colourful stuff. There was a bunch of god heads wafting about to talk to and some interesting art and maker works on show; I liked Olivia Bowman's (@orbmaker) re-purposing of film and lego for jewellery and her ninja origami skills... Really stoked to start doing markets again. Many thanks to the known and unknown heads who called through to say hi and support the show. I'm booking in for other markets now and I'll post as they're confirmed so you know when and where around Tassie you can catch up, see my work and say hi. The Visual Bulk art space hosts Bulk Mart each month so if you're interested check out their website, Facebook and Instagram for details.

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