Breaking Free - New Windows of Opportunity

Ohh, the struggle may be coming to an end. I have sought now for some time, to bend apart the bars bolstering the windows of my PC and escape into the freedom of stability, speed and security which have remained as so much an intangible haze on the surface of my computing experience.

'M,' I says to my closest and geekiest of companions, 'I have had a vision. An operating system, that is stable and sexy. One which is secure and solid. One which, and let me get very technical here, does stuff... and things! And does it without the talons of a resource hungry OS penetrated deep into the flesh of each application...'

And so M says, 'Yes, it's called linux. You're late...'

Oh, well, woo woo.

Grabbing the first DVD at hand which offered a dual-bootin system on which I can maintain the freakish nightmare that windows is for various graphic apps., but the bean-bag-full-of-jelly-like comfort and peace of mind of an OS that wont squeak and fall over when trying to multi-task Calculator and Notepad.

Hey I know NOTHING about linux. Fairy 'nuff, but the install is the first step on the road beyond the megalomaniac evil empire that's all thanks (thanks? really?) to Gatesy. Dick.

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