blue yonder

One minute you find yourself musing the zombie drag of mundane lethergy - days oozing seemlessly together for weeks with inky, pricked-membrane nights punctuating perfect daylights of jet-blue sun loops.

Action comes in bursts, colourful intermittent springs, re-seasoned.
The last two weeks have budded several distractions and unforseen eventualities, smearing a sticky smile to my mug, twisting a knit of eyebrows and loosening the grit of grinding teeth.

Feats of Strength
Getting your fits on after 2 years down to timed runs and swims with a 3 day update of beach lifeguarding qualifications. Hah, but the morning before testing I buckle my knee trying to replicate a Wingnut drop-knee turn on a one foot glassy wall with an oversized, nine-foot Swell board... *t'wang*

Wear Us, Ride Us
An impact from the deep blue smacks with an offer to wear a brand wetsuit and ride 2 of the loveliest logs I have had the pleasure to lay eyes on. The shop will also be using some of my drawings for printed shirts.

Yep, selling it all out. Right here, SOLD!
Seriously, who's going to turn down a free wetsuit and two logs? Huh? LIARS!

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