Bali, barrels, burnt & broke

Only know it's sunday cause tomorrow the banks open - had planned to sort my creased card out then but found to do it online is going to sort it. A little crease & it's been denied in every ATM & bank on this side of the island. Bugger. Luckily however, Juni, the one in charge at the warung where I'm camped up is writing up my tab.

Days are tough. Get up after sunrise. Get bendy for an hour and sit quietly contemplating the sweetness of nothingness. Then consider either getting swallowed up in the cavernous throats of Bingin... or paddle up to Impossibles to ride the lightning there. Makeable? Its namesake says it all.

Waded through high tide reef holes & scaled cliffs to get some pretty snaps of one of the stretchier bends of Impossibles. Exploration & dodging searing sun makes the most of middays & the waits between tides. Cowrie shells the size of a baby's fist. Demented looking dogs boiling with demented souls. Paranoid felines flicker through the shadows. Exposed brown flesh squeezed into tiny bits of cloth - tis a far cry from the emerald isles.

Further interest beyond the bends in the water are some very interesting ideas to realise for business interests. Manufacture & printing are very cheap here and with the right contacts being made, an old eagle is getting new wings. ABout time? No, just the right time. For now I'll be working on my tan, haggling skills & keep rubbing the holes carved in my back from far-too-low-tide sessions with lime juice & anti-septic.
Fruit salad again for lunch, dang.

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